Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman

Omar Bin SulaimanHis Excellency Dr. Omar Bin Sulaiman, ‘Dr. Omar’ as he is known to most people, is a brilliant, forward thinking Finance and Business Management professional in the Emirates. A thinker and a visionary, his life’s mission is to make Dubai one of the best global and regional financial centers in the world. He was one of the brains behind the Dubai International Financial Center and Exchange, his vision was to make it a truly transparent exchange, working in line with the ethics, strictures and modalities of Islamic Finance.

Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman was born in the United Arab Emirates. His parents instilled in him traditional values and morals, among which were hard work, dedication and striving for excellence. He understood the value of education at an early age and pursued his studies with sincereity and dedication. A brilliant student, he went on to complete graduation in Industrial Engineering, followed by a Master’s degree in Education. After this, he completed his second Master’s degree, a MBA in Finance. He completed his education with a doctorate in Leadership.

His well rounded educational background was the foundation for his success as a global business leader. He has held various positions of importance in different government organizations in Dubai and the Middle East. He was the Vice Chairman of the UAE Central Bank and and also held the position of the Governor of the Dubai International Financial Center. He is also the chairman of the OBS Group, which has prescence in various industry domains. Notable among them are Healthcare, Energy, Speciality Retail and Private Equity, to name a few. The resounding success of several important projects are a testimony to his ideas and leadership skills. He is also a founder of the Dubai Aerospace Enterprise. He was also the CEO of Dubai Internet City, an Information Technology Park set up by the Government of Dubai. Here, he was instrumental in bringing in IT, Electronics and Software majors from America and Europe to Dubai, which is now seen as a gateway to emerging markets in this region.

Apart from business, Dr Omar actively supports several philanthrophic activities and takes keen interest in developing education and knowledge among his countrymen. He is the chairman of the Young Arab Leaders and a co-founder of the Dubai Knowledge Village. Apart from these, he also supports various charities, working for the welfare of women and children. He is also an avid supporter of Arts and cultural activities. He is also the Vice Chairman of the famed Al Ahil Club, which is a premier football club in Dubai.

Dr. Omar is a true leader and is gifted in many ways. His knowledge and vision was instrumental in the success of the Dubai International Finance Center. Under his leadership, the most important Banks and Financial Institutions across Europe, America and Asia set up their offices in Dubai. His efforts towards this has ensured that Dubai is today recognized as a global hub for international business finance and a gateway for investment in the Middle East.

Dr. Omar has bold plans for the growth and development of Dubai in various sectors. Going by the success he has acheived in his previous endeavors, he is sure to repeat the same in his future plans as well. Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman lives in Dubai, he is married and has two children.